Friday, June 24, 2011

Jom terjah dan cuci mata !!


Hello world !! Im smiling for most of the time ..And am very happy for today because i will let u know something...erm..something weird perhaps !! haha...Motif??Tak de motif pon !!

Have u feel bored wearing gold necklace and the expensive one??Or don't u try something elegance and unique ring put on ur fingers?? Ever crossed in ur mind about that??

So today,im gonna show u all the gojes,elegance yet simple stuff.Im very sure u will like we go :D

A simple long necklace.U can easily fixed it with ur long shirt or baju kurung if u want look a bit elegance :D

See..i told u..Don't u think a different appearance that u shown simply make u pretty cool and damn gojes !!

What do u expect??Brooch or ring??

Wow !! Damn cool that  ring put on her finger??Don't worry about the size because it is adjustable ring.U can wear it as a brooch and depend on ur own creativity how to style it:)

Okay...dare u to choose the ring?? My answer is u should grab one for ur differents style.

Hey...girl don't just take a look !! Hurry grab one now while stock last!!
U guys come and grab one.Gift to ur special girlfriend for her coming birthday mane nak taukan !!

Tetibe speaking bagai2 kan..For more info and design ,u are welcome to visit HERE..

P/S:tolong my lil sis promote je ni...but i tell u, confirm will be fast selling...

hurry grab one now !!

Bye..thanx for reading this entry



waah! lawa nyer cincin tuh
nak nak! HEHE

p/s : tlg aen leh?

P U C A T said...

to nur ain :u can place ur order at fb..
i da bg link..hehe