Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jom..let's play a cool game...


Theme baju raya for this year??
Nanded....peach,blue,purple + perhaps...

Shoes size??
Basically range 7-8..aku mmg kaki serupe kaki gajah !!

Colours of my hijab??
Of course red,light blue and peach..the rest in progress..

Hijab collection??
Ariani...of course

How many baju raya??
Currently 5....still finding ..erm 1 helai kot...ready made..

What kind of baju raya do i like???
Kurung modern and riau...

My favorite food when syawal coming??
Sate and rendang.

My favorite cookies??
Tart nenas and almond london..

The best thing when celebrate 1 Syawal..
Gather ramai2 and collect duit raya from my abah n sista:)

Soalan cepu berlian....

Berapa hari tinggal puasa??
Not yet.......

What say u??

p/s:please answer it by ur own and honest.

Thanx for reading.


Anonymous said...

dasat nye kempen hr raya anda...
kalo 5 pasang baju maknanya 5 pasang
le kasut ghaye ek?

P U C A T said...

to syab9:haha...
bukan kempen suke2 je..
ergh..kasut 5 melampau 1 pon tak terpakai:)