Friday, September 9, 2011

currently emo..

| should i say that,or ask ur permission to saying this |.
| or can i say,im currently not in good condition |..

Means that emo bukan sahaja moody tp bila sakit org pggl emo because you can't give a big laugh as usual,you can't 'bertempuk-tampar',you just show your 'sakit face' so that when people look at you,they will pity on u..hakhakhak...* mmg mintak belas kasihan la kan *

This face expression we call ,senyum senyum kambing,Because when u sakit at least u can smile smile goat like me..Heee.

So guys i need a rest.If doc can come into my room and check my condition it's more better i guess. * anak raja pon tak macam kau *

p/s:konpem kes 'photoshoot' di bawah hujan renyai2 bajet dok kt obesea then my pic jd lawa .da hari ni melekat kt tilam je la:(

bye..thanx for reading


IEQAH said...

takmo la emo emo sgt ye dear :)

P U C A T said...

to ieqah:hari ni da okeh dear..
back to normal..huhu