Tuesday, October 18, 2011

accessories !

salam satu malaysia ! jom usha nih :)

Retro Carved Gem Necklace (RM13)

Cute Owl Necklace (RM10)

Four-Leaf Clover Necklace (RM8)

Owl Necklace (RM15)

Butterfly Ring (RM8)

If u want to order, just tell me by comment here which items u want. All items are ready stock and price exclude postage :)


Martika Diyana said...

addoooiiii aku ske kot menda2 gini.... malangnye aku leh tgk je takleh pakai... hhahaha... saba je la aku

IEQAH said...

include postage ke tak dear???

P U C A T said...

ieqah- exclude postage. grab cepat !

@dD@ said...

include postage braper ??
available lg eh dear ??

P U C A T said...

postage add RM6. yg available four leaf clover necklace, owl necklace and butterfly ring. kalau nak order bleh tgk sini


P U C A T said...

ada:exclude posatge dear..
yess still available...come n grab now..heee

amranaiman said...

woo menarik :D

P U C A T said...

amranaiman:grab one lah..heee


drooling kejap :D